Monday, October 25, 2010

The Moran Chile

I call this the Moran Chile, Just because Bill like them so well. I grow some each year from seed he sent me years ago, another reason why I call them Moran Chiles. Anyway, where Bill lived they grew wild. But you could always find several plants growing in his yard. This Chile is also called the Texas Bird Pepper and sometimes referred to the Chile Pequin. Here is a photo of Bill's plants. I can never get mine to grow as good as his, but I do it anyway. They are hot as heck, but "Oh" so good.

Moran Chile Plant


Nicole said...

I love it! The Moran Chile! Thanks Bill, I needed a "dad" fix! You rock! BTW, I will blog soon. Thoughts are churning in my brain! :-)

Nicole (one of the Moran Piquins)

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